Heavenly Lace

Sometimes adherence to grammatical rules fails in the attempt to convey a particularly lofty exuberance of the senses. So I will not apologize, nor repent for what follows:

The most delicious-est thing I’ve ever eaten is a cookie my wife makes which combines brown sugar, oats, butter, an egg, and vanilla extract, into a brown, very thin, flat, lacey, slightly crisp, explosion of such unimaginably great taste that moderation is not humanly possible because I want to eat them as soon as they emerge from the oven but I can’t because they’re too flimsy and they’ll fall apart so I sit there and wait for them to cool and harden enough so I can pick one up and stuff the entire cookie into my mouth and as soon as it’s down the hatch stuff another one in and then the pan is empty and I barely thought about sharing because it’s the most delicious-est thing I’ve ever eaten.

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