Talk About Offensive

Consider the many opportunities for removal and relocation of Roman historical sites deemed “on the wrong side of humanity” which would be available to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu were he mayor of Rome, Italy.

Is it a fair reflection, Mitch, to state that Rome’s Colosseum stands as the “most offensive”, as you say, of all those sites, given that some 400,000 people and perhaps a million animals were butchered on that single arena floor to the raucus applause of 80,000 bloodlust-seeking Roman fans?

Think of it, Mitch, you could move not merely an offensive remnant from an ancient city, but more than two millennia of sordid history could be excised and relocated to your chosen “place of healing” if only you had access to a crew and crane working under the cover of night to execute your plan to remove such a horrible historical blight.

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